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Life experience

As many others I have walked along a long and bumpy road in life. I thought of making an end to my life when I was 27 years old, but I decided otherwise as I first had to find out what the life was all about. Why am I here. I am greatfull to say, that I found the meaning life has for me. That has carried me along this bumpy road my life has been untill I was 40 years of age. Then I found a Psychosynteses therapist that met me in such a way that I needed, to become completely myself. Finally I understood that my world consists of other peoples and my own feelings. I was very sensitive and had to find out who I was, at the same time as I used techniques to get in touch with myself and my needs.

I have also felt the pain of not being met in the psyciatry. I have experienced how the medicins effects us and I chose to find my way back to myself without pills. Sometimes it is unfortunately necessary with pills, but I am happy to say that I did not need them. Denne reisen har jeg klart takket være fantastiske psykosynteseterapeuter samt utdannelsen i Psykosynteseterapi (les mer). Jeg har fått livet og gleden tilbake. Det kan ikke beskrives med ord.

Min interesse for kulturer og mennesker har ført meg over store deler av verden. Dette har gitt meg uendelig mye, samt en stor respekt for at hvert individ har sin reise og at ingen reise er lik.

Jeg driver regelmessig på med qigong og meditasjon / mindfullness.

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